How can I place an order?
Please email info@passonibespoke.com and we will email you the form with the step-by-steps visual instructions on how to take the measurements.

How long does it take from the moment I order the shirt, to the moment I receive it?
On average, it takes three weeks if you are based in the U.S.A.

Does PASSONI BESPOKE ship worldwide?
We ship wherever the major couriers deliver.

When will I be able to purchase online?
We will add e-commerce by March 2016. Stay tuned!

What is the return policy?
Because each shirt is made based on your body measures, once it is made it cannot be returned.
However, we will make adjustments to make sure it perfectly fits you.

Is it possible to get one of the shirts of the PASSONI BESPOKE collection in another color and or fabric?
Certainly! We have more than 2,000 type of fabrics available.

I have my own design in mind. Can PASSONI BESPOKE bring it to life?
Certainly! We would love to make your design come true! Please email info@passonibespoke.com with all the details and information needed.

Does PASSONI BESPOKE make uniforms for restaurants, stores, etc?
We definitely offer this kind of service. Please email info@passonibespoke.com with the details of your request.

Does PASSONI BESPOKE also make bespoke shirts for men?
Absolutely! Please email info@passonibespoke.com with details of your request.

Does PASSONI BESPOKE offer gift cards?
Yes! Please email info@passonibespoke.com.